Stretch Boot Material - Did You Know?

Did you know?

The raw material used to make stretch boots will only keep its uniquely pliable properties for six weeks before beginning to biodegrade, and must be refrigerated at all times in transit and at the boot factory. All raw material must be delivered to the factory and manufactured into boots within this six week period in order to ensure the highest quality product - boots made outside these parameters are more prone to fail.

Why it Matters

When any step in these manufacturing processes are compromised, the resulting inferior quality material means poorly made stretch boots. These are known to fail as early as the first fitting - either tearing by hand or splitting when used with a stretch gun.

Remember - just one failure in ten will increase your costs by 10%.

One factory since 1998

CD Stretch CV Boots are manufactured with the highest quality stretch material, handled according to all of these necessary requirements throughout production to guarantee the highest quality products available. That's why all CD and Justboots Stretch boots have been made in the same high standard factory since 1998!

CD Stretch CV Boots

Completely compatible with air-operated stretch guns and cone fitting tools.

Complete kits with quality ties and more grease included than many other brands.

Virtually none, if any, returns.

CD Stretch CV Boot Kit
CD CV Stretch Boot on stretch gun
CD Stretch CV Boot Kit
CD Stretch CV Boot Kits
CD CV Joint Kits

CD CV Joint Kits

CD CV Joint Kits are designed and manufactured to original equipment quality standards (TS16949, ISO14001). All CD Constant Velocity Joint Kits are complete with boot, stainless steel ties and 50cc grease. Front and rear applications for all popular modern passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. 2 Year / 24,000 Mile Warranty (terms & conditions apply).

CD Stretch CV Boot Kits

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